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The Deal Closers' Media Offer

We offer powerful package that puts your brand in the spotlight across prestigious media outlets. With three dynamic components - Leader's Talk, Magazine Cover, and Article on Magazine - this exclusive offering is designed to elevate your brand's presence, drive engagement, and boost your business success.

Leader's Talk: Appear as an Expert on

Welcome to “Leader’s Talk,” an exclusive opportunity for you to showcase your expertise and vision on through an insightful interview. As the show is presented in a “Brand Voice” format, you’ll have the ideal platform to share your insights and ideas with our high-quality and diverse audience.

Why This Opportunity is Exceptional:


watch the interview we did with SalesForce

Flexible Options:

You have the flexibility to choose between filming the interview at our iconic studio in Paris, France, or conducting it remotely via Teams or Zoom at your convenience. Our experienced journalist/presenter will host the session, and you can select the date of publication that suits you best.

Complete Package:

Upon confirming your participation, our journalist/presenter from The Deal Closers by Edwin Miller LLC will connect with you to prepare for the interview, and our scheduling team will coordinate your studio visit or remote connection. You may bring along a partner or associate if you wish.

Magazine Cover: Elevate Your Brand

Take center stage on prestigious magazine covers with our exclusive magazine cover service. Showcase your brand and message to a wider audience with a striking visual impact. Choose from renowned publications like Forbes and Marie-France to amplify your brand’s presence and captivate potential clients.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our magazine partnerships:



Being featured on the Forbes France magazine cover is a tremendous opportunity because it provides unparalleled visibility and prestige. Forbes is a renowned and influential publication, and appearing on its cover showcases the company’s success, expertise, and leadership to a wide and diverse audience across Europe.

The Deal Closers - Forbes France Magazine Cover


Gracing the cover of Haute Living magazine is an unparalleled opportunity for your brand. Showcase your success, expertise, and elegance to a discerning and affluent audience, establishing your authority in the luxury market. Elevate your brand’s presence with The Deal Closers and seize this transformative opportunity today!

The Deal Closers - Haute Living

Marie France

Allows your company to grace the cover of a highly renowned publication, positioning your brand at the forefront of style, elegance, and influence. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your brand’s visibility and credibility with our exclusive Marie France Magazine covers.

The Deal Closers - Marie France Magazine Cover


Get ready to captivate millions as you grace the cover of Elle magazine. Targeting savvy trendsetters and influential women, Elle offers your brand an exclusive platform to shine. Embrace chic sophistication and timeless allure with The Deal Closers, and make a statement that resonates globally.

The Deal Closers - Elle magazine cover

Marie Claire

Featured on the cover of Marie Claire magazine, your brand’s story reaches an engaged audience of fashion-forward, empowered individuals. Align your business with style, substance, and success, and let The Deal Closers catapult your brand to the forefront of the fashion world

The Deal Closers - Marie Claire Magazine cover

Article: Share Your Story with the World

Craft a compelling narrative with our article placement service. Feature your story, accomplishments, and insights in leading magazines, reaching readers who value influential content. Leverage our media partnerships to drive brand recognition and establish your expertise in your industry.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of our magazine placement :

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